Brooks Adrenaline GTS-15 Review

My “go to shoe” for the last seven years gets some updates for 2015. My review of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS-15…

Brooks Adrenaline GTS have been my go to shoe (pun intended) since their 8th edition. As a stability shoe they have the cushioning  that is right for me while running out on the road. As my running has evolved over the years, this shoe has too. I have liked running in the GTS-14 but have noticed and appreciate the changes they have made to the shoe in the GTS-15 version.
First, the crash pad now runs the full length of the shoe and is segmented, allowing for a more natural movement of the foot. Previously the crash pad was just in the heel. With this change I’ve noticed a smoother transition from heel-strike to toe-off.
Next is the cushioning under the midsole, it has a different blend that makes it more cushioned than the 14. Honestly I haven’t noticed much of a difference with this but it hasn’t bothered me either.

Finally is the improved upper. It has less stitching making them less likely to cause chaffing or rubbing issues. And although I’ve never had a problem with the stitches in the prior versions I could feel a difference running in the GTS-15, they did feel better.
Other things worth mentioning, although the forefoot feels just as spacious as the GTS-14, it does feel a bit stiffer in the GTS-15. Also many who run in Adrenaline GTS shoes have noticed that the 15’s run a bit smaller than the 14’s (and previous versions) and the Brooks website recommends using a 1/2 size larger if you tend to be in between sizes. Interestingly enough, I didn’t order a 1/2 size up and have noticed a good fit.
And for those wanting to know the numbers, the weight of the womens shoe is stated to be 9.2oz and the mens shoe is 11oz. The drop from heel to forefoot is 11.3mm.
With the cost running from $120-$130, I continue to think that it’s a great deal. With eight colors to currently choose from for the mens’ or womens’ version I think there is enough variety to fit your color preference.



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