Embrace Running 114: Modesto Half Marathon

This week, we give our race recap of the Modesto Half Marathon. Deena Kastor sets some new Master’s records at Rock ‘n’ Roll Dallas. Kara Goucher signs with Oiselle. Mark gives an update on his shoes, and our week in training.

Modesto Marathon

Kara Goucher Signs with Oiselle

Deena Kastor Sets Masters Records

Woman is Overall Winner at Modesto

Wheelchair Athlete Makes History

Hoka Conquest

Altra Olympus



Embrace Running 113: Want to Run Faster

This week we talk about Shalane Flanagan setting a new American 15k record. Seven ways you can run faster in your next race. Elena shares a discount code for any Ragnar Trail race in 2014.  Mo Farah falls at the New York City Half Marathon but still finishes in second place. Katherine Switzer’s new race series. Tarawera 100k is shortened to 69k and is not a Western States qualifier. Ellie Greenwood makes a comeback at Chuckanut. RRCA reminds us to Run Smart, Run Safe. And our week in training.

Shalane Sets 15k Record

Mo Farah Falls

Tarawera Results

RRCA Run Smart : Run Safe

Katherine Switzer Launches Race Series

7 Ways to Run Faster



Embrace Running 112: Still Way Too Cool

This week, Elena gives her race recap of the Way Too Cool 50k. Registration for the Chicago Marathon is postponed. Ethiopians sweep the LA Marathon. Mark has an update on his Hoka’s. We have a chance to test out the Brooks Transcend. Salted Caramel GU is no longer a seasonal flavor (yeah!). More on the veteran at the 408k race we ran last week. Biggest Loser has a new Theme Park Race series this year. “What if everybody ran?”, by Mizuno. And our week in training.

LA Marathon Results

Biggest Loser Theme Park Series

Chicago Lottery Delayed

WWII Vet is Incredible

Mizuno Researches Impact If Everybody Ran

A World Transformed

Way Too Cool



Embrace Running 111: Mariachi on the Run

This week, we give our race recap of the San Jose 408k. Chicago Marathon lottery opens on March 5. Little Rock Marathon was cancelled and/or re-routed due to weather-there’s still some confusion as to what exactly happened. Elena does some trail running in Utah with Ragnar Trail. The new bag policy for Boston Marathon 2014, which will also be Team Hoyt’s last. Getting ready for Way Too Cool, and our week in training.