Feetures! Graduated Compression Socks Review

Review of the Feetures! Graduated Compression Socks

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If you’ve been listening to our podcast for any length of time you know we both run in Feetures! socks. We don’t just run in them, we hike, bike, travel with them. We had tried their compression socks a few year back and recently had the opportunity to try their updated graduated compression socks. I typically don’t use compression socks or sleeves while running but I do wear them after long runs as part of my recovery. I used these in the same way and it felt like they helped to reduce my leg fatigue. They have 15-20 mmHg of compression at the ankle and the compression in the arch helps keep my plantar fasciitis from flaring. Just as in most of their socks, Feetures! makes their graduated compression socks with a right/left foot anatomical design. This allows the sock to fit the designated foot much better and makes them quite comfortable. I did wear them for some short runs to see how they would feel and they were quite comfortable. They didn’t roll down from the top or bunch up in the toes. My legs did feel a little warm while I was wearing them but that is probably because I’m not use to having something covering my lower legs while running. They are made of material that wicks away moisture well and helps reduce odor.  The graduated compression socks are available in four different sizes and three different colors. My only suggestion is to have them available in more sizes, not just taking shoe size into account but also calf size. Some individuals have larger feet but thinner calves and a large size might not provide as much compression on their ankles/calves as they would like. Other than that I like the product and will continue to use the compression socks post long runs for recovery. 

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Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a pair to review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Thank you for this review and your wonderful podcast! I am attempting to be more deliberate in my post-run recovery efforts and plan to give these socks a try.