Hoka Challenger ATR Review

A review of the Hoka Challenger ATR trail shoe.

It’s no secret that I am a fan of Hoka’s. So it’s not surprise I picked up a pair of the Hoka Challenger ATR trail shoes when they first came out. Some describe the shoe as the trail version of the Hoka Clifton, which is a fair comparison.  The shoe features the usual Hoka rocker geometry and a no sew upper. It has a 5mm drop, 29mm heel and 24mm forefoot.  Weighs in at 8.6 oz and has 4mm lugs on the bottom. It has the same EVA midsole as the Clifton however this shoe is stiffer. The shoe is true to size for me and feels slightly more comfortable in the heel then the Clifton. This is a shoe that is light and responsive for the amount of cushioning that you get.  They feel agile enough for me and still feel connected to the trail.  They are a smooth fun ride. Traction has been surprisingly good even on some especially muddy days. But probably not the best option on very technical terrain. So far I have had no issues with the durability although some other wearers have had some concerns. I even really like the look of these, and there are more colors coming next month. These have actually been my favorite trail shoes ever, so much better then the last trail shoes from Hoka that I had – the Rapa Nui. The Challenger began as an exclusive for REI stores, but come March you should begin to see them everywhere including Hoka’s own website. The shoe retails for $130.

Hoka Challenger at REI